Brand story

AILIGHTER® —— There is no release without youth.

Dongguan Shangpin Industrial Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of silicone products, established in 2008. In 2009, the "Qibao" factory was established. In line with the corporate mission of "customer first", adhere to the "100% original" design concept, and independently developed hundreds of appliance products. An emerging manufacturer of Asian-designed sex toys. Or (mainly designing sex toys that meet the domestic market.) At that time, the birth of the most influential one of the self-produced products, 'Mouse Trolling Egg', caused a boom in the market and the industry, and was recognized by the industry within two years. Bao', this factory, has rapidly expanded its popularity during the storm and has welcomed many partners. It has merged and carried out new series of research and development. In 2014, the brand "Ai Lite" was established, focusing on novel and cost-effective adult electronic products with the most complete functions in the industry. , and finally saw the dawn before dawn in 2016 and ushered in the spring of "Ai Lite" and everyone.

Appearance industrial design:

In terms of appearance design, AILIGHTER has developed various styles of designs for products, including technology, science fiction, national trends, and two-dimensional elements. Players can do whatever they like.